Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

DIY Beauty

Here I have some tips to make some cosmetics on your own:

Dry lips? 

Just blend olive oil, honey and sugar and use this paste as a lipscrub. Helps to remove all dead skincells and moisturizes your sensitive skin. By the way.... tastes delicious ;P
Also this is like a dupe of burt´s bees facial scrub.

Dry Hair?

Blend avocado-flesh with aloe leaf juice ald a teaspoon full of lemon juice.
This hairmask leads to moisturized and shiny hair.


                                                          for beautiful long hair as hers <3


Here are some of the most amazing thigs you can do by your own. Love them all and did allready some of them ;) <3


1st row 2nd <3